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Welcome to Leasecure corporation "a cure for the common lease"

Look no further for all your fleet vehicle needs! Leasecure has been saving business owners and fleet managers money on vehicle financing for over 15-years. Call us today for a no-obligation vehicle TRAC lease finance quote: 281-355-9500

Combining the many advantages of TRAC leasing with our ability to leverage volume acquisition pricing, competitive financing, expert vehicle selection assistance, and superior customer service, makes Leasecure your best choice for a commercial fleet management partner.


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More Than Leasing

Our goal is to develop long-term customer relationships, not simply arrange a lease. The resources of our company are committed and focused on helping commercial fleet managers and independent contractors maintain their highest possible profitability through efficient leasing packages and fleet management services.   

Leasecure GPS Vehicle and Equipment Solutions:

For less than $2.00/day, discover how a GPS based product will: 

  • Credit your operational budget

  • Recover stolen vehicles & equipment

  • Greatly reduce fuel consumption

  • Increase driver safety & job satisfaction

  • Track vehicle, driver, trailer, and perform dispatch functions with a Garmin display

  • Improve customer satisfaction

  • Alert management

  • Remotely dispatch driver with work order and turn-by-turn navigation on display


Free Fuel Cards:

Yes, free - no monthly cost to use. Never again wonder what your drivers are purchasing in addition to fuel! Learn More

Repair & Maintenance Insurance:

Stop pretending you are a vehicle diagnostic psychic or trusting your drivers and let a ASE Certified call center decide if one of your vehicles needs a repair? Learn More  

Exceeding Expectations

Leasecure Corporation prides itself on exceeding customer expectations with superior customer service throughout the life of a leased vehicle. Maintaining focus on customer needs earned Leasecure recognition in 2007 by winning the Houston Business Journal's "Fast 100" award. Leasecure is also a winner of the the "Houston 100ᵯt; as one of the fastest growing companies in Houston and S.E. Texas.